Statistically approximately 79% of existing credit history reports contains erroneous information. This can adversely impact an individual's credit score as reported by each of the three major reporting bureaus. For this reason, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other Consumer advocate groups recommend that you review your credit report for accuracy on a periodic basis.

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who we are is a Premier Services company offering specialized Credit Score Improvement programs to our Clients - Individuals, Affiliates, and Employees.

The process will begin the credit repair phase of the Client's history specifically by focusing on the three major credit reporting bureaus histories. Our expert technical staff assists the Client in an up-front analysis of his/her current credit reports and assisting the Client in the identification of inaccurate items that affect their overall credit score.

From the results of the analysis, works with the Client to develop a specific plan to challenge and dispute the inaccuracies stated in their credit report. This six phase challenge process is based on the Client's individual and unique needs. credit score improvement program provides the tools and the methodology for the Client to take that vital first step to clean and validate their individual reported credit score. We represent you and support your unique interests in re-establishing an accurate credit score and ultimately improving your credit worthiness.