How It Works

how it works

The initial process is simple. Enrollment in the program involves a one-time enrollment fee, which will enable the Client to order and upload a 3-In-1 Credit Report. This report is a combination of the three major credit reporting bureaus' history on the Client. During enrollment and the initial Client interview, we will perform a free credit analysis of the combined report and review the results with you to help determine all potential erroneous or unverified information that likely affects the overall credit score calculation.

At the conclusion of the analysis interview and enrollment process,'s technical experts will develop a customized multi-phase program unique to the Client's individual needs. With complete Client oversight and concurrence, will initiate the necessary dispute process on the erroneous items and continue with a 6-Step challenge to validate or remove all negative items that appear in error on the combination credit report.

In many cases a Client's score can increase by about 50-points within a 45-day window through removal of errors and negative items that cannot be verified. This is not a guaranteed outcome and individual results will vary according to their personal history. Our Credit Score Improvement process is designed as the first line of defense in cleaning up your reported credit history and essential in the management of a good credit score. membership includes Credit Monitoring and enrollment in our partner SmartCredit* and we work with our clients through the SmartCredit* portal directly with the creditors to develop a permanent plan to restore your credit and improve your credit portfolio.

It's as easy as signing up today for your Initial Credit Report and Consultation. will enroll you and go to work for you immediately - utilizing a broad array of credit report repair strategies - we will dispute all questionable items on your credit report and monitor the results on a regular cycle until they are properly removed. We will work with the Creditors, as needed to negotiate equitable settlement of negative items that are reported and recommend settlement plans to boost your credit score and restore your credit.